"racism against white people"

let me break down why this is a fallacy. and why, even if we take the hypothetical route and say that it ISN’T a fallacy, why whatever white people experience and designate as “racism” isn’t actually enough to live up to the word.

most of what i’ve seen that white folks claim as racism include:

  • snide, unflattering comments about white people made by PoC
  • being ganged up on (whether real or imagined) by PoC
  • being excluded/ousted from PoC conversations that are meant to be cathartic or otherwise don’t require white input
  • being hurt on a single or very few occasions
  • being called “cracker”, a word which has never been used in tandem with atrocious acts of widespread violence
  • being told they are racist

now, let’s compare this to what PoC have claimed as acts of racism:

  • being killed by authority figures without retribution
  • being killed by white laypeople without retribution
  • laws and social practices that prevent PoC from working or living certain places
  • being considered nonhuman (i.e., having their struggles compared to animal rights, being seen as solely sexual objects, being used as “passes” into other cultures, etc)
  • being called various racial slurs that have long been used in tandem with atrocious acts of violence (physical, emotional, psychological)
  • having their experiences with racism relegated to baseless claims by “the SJ community”, in which “SJ community” is used as an insult. 
  • having their accomplishments downplayed solely on the basis of their race
  • being incarcerated at a greater rate than their white counterparts for the exact same crimes, despite disparities in the rate that each groupp commits said crimes. 

and that’s just a short list. 

do you see the dissonance here?

or do you just wanna keep crying and throwing around words to make yourself feel better when you get called out on your shit or decide you wanna comment on some shit that wasn’t fucking meant for you?

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